Are you looking for an innovative bilingual children’s book? This is a bilingual book (Spanish-English) that does not literally translate the content between the two languages, but instead presents different linguistic content to reinforce each language in a complementary way. This makes it natural to read and listen as bilingual children communicate. Additionally, this book unleashes scientific questioning and imaginative thoughts in children. Through its beautiful illustrations, it lends itself to the discussion of geography, climate, habitats, animal features and adaptations.

The book also presents an excellent infographic of each animal friend visited with references to delve into content.

Language: Bilingual book (Spanish/English).

Ages 5-8, siblings and grownups also!

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Looking for a book that grabs the attention of young readers? This is a Hi-lo (high interest, low readability) short novel in Spanish, which has wonderful illustrations and an easy-to-read format. It is a wonderful door to fantasy and mystery readings, ideal for reading groups or with the family.

In the depths of the cavernous hill lives a sinister being. Marco Antonio Guerra, a 10-year-old boy, longs to be a great soccer star. However, his dreams are interrupted by the serious illness of his father, a miner from Cerro Rico (Bolivia), one of the tallest mines in the world. Marco will have to make the most important decision of his life, whether or not he will face the evil metallic being that tears at the walls of the mine tunnels. Ages: 10-14.

Ages 8-14, siblings and grownups also!

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Suyay, a smiling Colombian young girl, is cursed by a dark forest spirit. To save her life, she is taken to the village of Jedako, where her grandfather resides. In Jedako, she will learn about the magical and ancestral art of Jaibanism, by which the shamans connect with the spirits of the forest, called Jai. These spirits are beings that maintain the balance of nature, but they can also be corrupted by the destruction and contamination of the jungle. It was one of the corrupt Jai who cursed the girl. In the village, Suyay will know the story of the legendary Emerald Spirit: a legendary warrior who seeks balance between the Jai and the human world. Her grandfather trains Suyay to be a powerful warrior and in an unexpected decision, he appoints her as a representative of her clan to fight to become the new Emerald Spirit. This fight will be decisive in facing her own father, a powerful man who bases his business on exploitation of the environment. This is the story of a young woman who, in order to protect life in the jungle, will have to confront her family, her friends and her darkest evils.

Ages 12-16, siblings and grownups also!

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