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HILO COLECTIVO BOOKS was established in 2020 as an independent collective of writers and illustrators located in Woodstock, Illinois, USA. Our team is made up of a fruitful mix of writers, dual language teachers, illustrators and researchers from the United States and Latin America.
We understand the effort that Latinx communities make to defend their linguistic heritage, history, customs, ways of thinking and seeing the world. We create books that highlight the beauty of the territories, as well as the strength and courage of our people. Our goal is to take the thread and sew new images that excite the reading of young people.
Specifically in the United States we recognize the need to develop books for students who have a reading level in Spanish below their grade level, but who need books with appropriate interests for their age (high interest / low reading level). Our first selection of books is geared toward early childhood and middle school students. They are books of high academic quality, rigorous language, and sensitive and attractive topics for our students.
All books are offered in paper and digital formats, in paperback and hard cover. We also create free worksheets and guides to support language teachers, all downloadable on our site.
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What We Offer:
  • Bilingual Picture Books
  • Middle Grade Novels
  • Middle Grade Hi-Lo Books
  • Non Fiction Picture Books
  • Professional Books for Teachers
  • Writing, Literacy and Art Workshops

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